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Wood Floor

Bedroom floors are an emotive subject on which most people will have an opinion. As well as considering comfort as you pad around barefoot or in your slippers it is also important to fit with your interior design scheme and make sure that your choice is compatible.

A bedroom floor is often in situ for a long time too so make sure you think carefully and get it just right.

Typically, if you go for a bedroom carpet then people tend to buy one which is soft to the touch and not worry too much about wear and tear.

The foot traffic through most bedrooms is light compared to say the stairs, and most of the time people are not wearing shoes which do the most damage.

Heavy bedroom furniture can leave its mark on a plush carpet if you re-position it however but try restoring any stubborn dents by rubbing with an ice cube, it really does help the fibers to recover.

Wood floors, or wood laminates are not so popular in the bedroom as they are considered to be less cozy and colder to the touch.

A wood floor can look very smart however, and double beds with a metal frame will be displayed particularly well in this way and to real advantage.

Engineered wood flooring can also be laid over under floor heating systems so you can potentially resolve some of the issues in that way, like on this website.

Floor tiles are perhaps best avoided in the bedroom altogether, unless you are decorating a Spanish holiday home or similar of course!

The half way house is to go for a wood floor and lay rugs over the top. This can be a great way to achieve a beautiful result and also meet the needs of anyone with a tendency towards cold toes.

Choose the right flooring for your bedroom and love the results you achieve.