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La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream Review

Are you disappointed at the microdermabrasion cream which you are using that does not eliminate your fine lines as you have initially expected? In fact, you are not the only one who is frustrated and concern over your skin imperfections.

Many women, just like you have also over-spend their money in trying out different skincare products that just don’t work at all.

But now, there is this microdermabrasion cream which effectively works to exfoliate the skin from the deep and eliminates skin imperfections, revealing more translucent and younger-looking skin with a healthy glow.

The product is… La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream ( Intensive Resurfacing Treatment Face & Body ) – 125ml/4.2oz Eliminate Fine Lines, Acne Spots And Skin Imperfections

As compare with other microdermabrasion cream and skincare products, La Prairie patented formula of exclusive cellular complex offers immediate results with softer and glowing skin complexion which you thought only a spa could deliver.

In fact, La Prairie cellular microdermabrasion cream is designed to deliver spa-like treatment that covers both facial and body protection with quality results, safety and cost effectiveness.

Enjoy more translucent and smoother skin as it helps to eliminate dull, dry and damaged skin cells.

Now you can reverse the clock of aging in the comfort of your own home in just a few invigorating minutes!

How La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream Work?

La Prairie cellular microdermabrasion cream is one of the top range skincare products that revitalizes and rejuvenate the skin by buffing away dull and ashy dead skin cells via exclusive cellular complex, which is only found in La Prairie products. This state-of-the-art cellular treatment enhances the rate of new skin cells regeneration and improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

With the age-fighting ingredients found in La Prairie microdermabrasion cream, it deliver nutrients which are essential to the vitality and overall skin complexion.

La Prairie cellular microdermabrasion cream, with its unique formula of infusing micronized diamonds, fresh water pearls, quartz crystals, along with natural botanicals and bio-engineered ingredients will renew your skin with a luxurious and healthy glow before you even notice it!

Besides, the product also offers spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home and is greatly recommended for application on the face and body. With regular usage, your skin pores will be thoroughly and deeply cleansed, revealing a fresher and smoother complexion.

In fact, deeper and yet gentle exfoliation of the superficial skin’s layer is the main feature of La Prairie microdermabrasion at home cream or microdermabrasion services in Leesburg.

Product Benefits

  • Different applicator for treatment on the face, body and heels area
  • Replenish and revitalize the skin via exclusive cellular complex
  • Boost blood circulation near the skin’s surface for a healthy glow
  • Deep and gentle exfoliation to reduce skin imperfections
  • Moisturize, nourish, fortify and perfect the skin
  • Diminishes the apperance of fine lines and acne spots
  • Suitable to use on romantic occasions with its full bodied rich floral fragrance

How To Use La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream

La prairie microdermabrasion cream with applicators

  • For a start, use the cream every other day for a period of 5 days and it is recommended to use before showering
  • Before application, wet the skin if it is sensitive and less abrasive texture is desired
  • Apply the cream to the appropriate applicator that comes along in the pack. (White sponge for face treatment, pink one for body treatment and black one for heels treatment)
  • Massage the cream gently on the skin in circular motions. For application on face, do not massage more than 1 minute at the same area. For application on body area, do not massage more than 2 minutes at the same area.
  • After application, rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry
  • For better results, you can follow up with La Prairie Cellular Softening and Balancing Lotion during night or sunscreen for daytime.

Does La Prairie Microdermabrasion Cream Work For Me?

Yes! La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream is absolutely effective in prolonging the youthful appearance and flawless complexion of even the most delicate skin . Though this product is initially launched in 1993, but it remains popular for generations and till now, it is still one of the top hot selling products in the market.

With its exclusive cellular complex formula, La Prairie is definitely your trusted partner in confronting the problem of premature aging, environmental hazards and the stress of contemporary life.
La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream Reviews

Satisfied customers

Age: 22
Skin Type: Acne prone
Comment: I am really happy with La Prairie Microdermabrasion cream. I have tried other creams which pales in comparison. The La Prairie one really seems to do a good job of minimizing my pores as well as making my skin really soft. La Prairie is quite affordable at $199. That said… it actually makes my skin feel as good as if i come out from a spa-based treatment. So its absolutely worth it! I also recommend the balancing softener – really nice way to soothe the skin… View detail>>

Satisfied customer B on la prairie product

Age: 33
Skin Type: Dry
Comment: I am a BIG fan of la prairie and I will NEVER EVER stop buying this product. To me, it is simply the BEST microdermabrasion cream in the world. After application, it just makes your skin feel so soft and GLOWING!!! I use this on DRY SKIN and rub for about a minute and then rinse. It a MUST to use the Cellular Softening Balancing Lotion!… View detail>>

Satisfied customer C on la prairie product

Age: 29
Skin Type: Normal
Comment: I use this site to read articles on microdermabrasion and have based several purchases from positive reviews. By chance, I come across La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion and decided to give it a try. In my opinion, it is the best product to exfoliate my skin at home- it retexturizes and leaves my skin with an even tone for days. I use it once a week and with regular usage, my skin has never been so soft and smooth and (almost) lines free. My pores are clean and less visible also. I recommend splashing your face with water to help with the exfoliation process and to use your fingers rather than the sponge applicators provided… View Detail>>

Envy at their beautiful, smooth and glowing complexion? Wanted to look confident and satisfied just like them? You can also be one of them now…

Get La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream and feel the difference today!
Perfect Products To Go With La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream

La Prairie Cellular Softening And Balancing Lotion – 250ml/8.4oz
This moisture-enhancing lotion is formulated with Advanced Moisture Complex to soften the skin with anti-irritation and anti-oxidant benefits. It contains multi-vitamins & sea botanicals to lock moisture, thereby leaving the skin supple, fresh, smooth and radiant.

Product Benefits

  • Intensely soften and smoothen the skin with increased skin suppleness
  • Helps prevent water loss and stimulates the moisturizer’s effectiveness
  • Balances the skin after cleansing
  • Restore the skin with a healthy pH balance level
  • Improves skin’s receptiveness to further treatments