Ogilvy Saddle Pads04:33


Ogilvy Saddle Pads come in all sorts of sizes and materials. But all of these saddle pads are extremely well made and do the job they’re meant for better than any other pads we’ve looked at.

So the first pad we’ll look at is the Jumper Half Pad in memory foam. We got it in grey with white piping. And this one retails for $199for the thicker inch and a quarter pad.

There is also an inch one, and a gummy kind of pad. Prices do vary.

An important feature that is great on these is first, you can get just about any color you want. So if your horse looks particularly stunning in red, no problem.

Second, you can also get your, your horse’s name or just your initials embroidered. Great for knowing who owns the pad!

These are also washing machine safe. Just take off the cover and throw it in. A real time saver!

There are also the baby pads. These are great because they do not have any sort of straps on them. Honestly, I don’t like to use the ones with straps and these are great.

And keeping with the above pad, these come in all sorts of colors. They are also easy to wash and are great for you and your horse.

Get your Ogilvy saddle pad here.