Redesign your living room to make your home stand out

People up and down the country are trying to do everything they can to sell their homes at the moment. With the effects of the recession still showing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to shift their properties when they want to.

Bearing this is mind, it seems sensible to do something to your home if you haven’t so far had any success selling it. And after looking at a few Greater Heights homes for sale, I realized that one of the best ways to really make a home stand out is improving how the living room looks.

A great place to start would be the living room, as this is an important space within a property which many people want to be big, cheerful and homely.

In order to let in plenty of light into the living room, you want to make the most of your windows.

At night, you’re bound to want curtains or blinds covering them, but during the Living Roomday, try and show them off as much as possible, making sure they aren’t covered at all to least the most amount of light in.

Choose light and bright shades to decorate the room in – if it looks boring and dull, it’s not going to appeal to as many people.

After choosing the color you want to go for, at one end of the room, put up a big mirror – this will give the illusion of the space being even bigger than it is.

Even if you don’t plan to leave the furniture in your living room, the nicer it is when people come to look around, the more likely they are to love it.

So try and find a coffee table and sofa which complements everything else in the room, but also exudes style.

Don’t forget, the finishing touches to the room will come in the form of personal ones.

Put photos and pictures on the walls and add things you’ve collected on your travels as well.

While you want the space to look chic, it also needs to be a living room, so make sure it looks homely and lived in.

    1. Christina Brewton