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Being an employer like you often feel that somehow or other you are taken into the ride and paying more for some ghost employees. It is very common for employees to do “buddy punching”.  It is nothing but asking one employee to punch in the in and out time on their behalf. This makes the employee earn more than the time he actually worked as his timings are perfectly recorded.

As an employer we feel cheated with this buddy punching tricks and ultimately pay more to the worker than deserved. Though there might be many humanitarian grounds for the worker to join or leave the duty early but being an employer we often feel that our integrity is being challenged. However, with the invention of biometric attendance software, buddy punching is no more a threat to the employer. As an employer we all can stop rewarding our employees for cheating and pay for the actual work hours.

Stopping buddy punching

With the passage of time and development of software you can easily stop the practice of buddy punching among your employees. There are numerous ways to stop buddy punching.

  • First of all as an employer we all have to analyze how, when and where this cheating is going on. Our expert HR team can track the source within few days.
  • Based on their recommendations we can install the proper HR analytics software than can help us to track the activities of our employees and calculate the actual working time.
  • If it is paired with surveillance instruments like close circuit television cameras recording all the activities I the system hardware, it works more diligently.
  • We, the employer have to do away with punch cards. Punch cards can easily be punched by a co worker on behalf of his buddy. The latest is the biometric attendance clock with advanced software.
  • These clocks have software has collects all the biometric data of all employees and any in or out time is recorded after scanning and matching the finger print, scanning the iris or detecting the face with the database stored by use of attendance software. With this nobody except the person himself can put in or out time. The machine or rather the software shall outwardly reject anyone other trying to give proxy.
  • Time stealing is the common practice among the employees. Being an employer, you should stop this time stealing habit by using biometric time clock that comes with a good time and attendance software such as
  • Using the clock and software, we as an employer can generate an automated payroll and can completely withdraw manual ones. With precision calculations of this time and attendance software that is bundled with the biometric attendance clock, we can save almost 10 % annually on our payroll bills.
  • The issue of buddy punching is serious one. Being an employer we have to give serious thought to curb t down to zero. We should manage our workforce intelligently and in an efficient way.
  • The software therefore comes in handy to stop buddy punching. We can also track our employees who are working from home too.
  • The software also helps to follow the government guidelines of employment on any violation is immediately reported.
  • You can give your employees GPS enabled mobile time clock software as an app. The app software is such as soon as an employee clocks in or out a notification is stored on the company server. If an employee had clocked in but is not in the office or at the job site , you can immediately track as the clock software is GPS enabled.
  • As an employer to stop buddy punching, we can take help of wifi enabled time clock that only works with biometrics. Finger print scanner should be there. Provision for face detection should also be incorporated in the software. If we are looking for no touch biometric software then we should install software that can scan the iris and match it with the employee biometric data already stored on the server.
  • We should choose the best software that can do all he scanning and screening process without wasting much time so that there s no queue in front of the kiosk. The software should be fast enough to recognize a particular employee without any malfunctions.

Being an employer, it is a headache for us to stop buddy punching. With stopping this practice we can save almost up to 10% of our annual payroll. As an employer, we should all install biometric attendance software and attach it to the attendance clock. If we explain the new system to our employees in a friendly manner definitely they will accept the concept. Let us work towards stopping buddy punching.