Top Celebrity Wedding Dresses

So it’s time to get married and find that perfect wedding dress?

Hopefully these top celebrity wedding dresses will spark your imagination and give you dome ideas. There’s everything from the traditional to the absurd. The choice is yours.

But the first thing to do is think about where you’ll hold your wedding. I mean after all, you don’t want to wear something hot if it’s a beach wedding. Nor something elegant if you’re just going to Vegas. So yes, choosing the venue IS important.

For example, I got married and found happiness at this hot OC event venue. It was the perfect place for a formal wedding and wedding party.


My wedding had 200 people and luckily the entire event was catered and everything was taken care of by the venue.

So I wore a traditional dress and the bride’s maids did as well. But of course I’m not famous, nor rich.

So if you have the dinero, then see what your wedding could be. It’s a good video. Check it out!