Turn your dining room into a space for entertaining03:12


With the effects of the recession continuing to bite, people are increasingly looking for ways to save money. One way of doing this is through going out less, but the key is finding a way to still have fun, even though you’re not heading out on the town as much.

A great way to achieve this happy medium is through hosting dinner parties with your friends, so you do something relatively cheap, which is just as fun as going on a night out.

You could perhaps get involved in a dining competition a la Come Dine With Me, where you head to each others’ houses, sampling food and judging the overall experience out of ten – a bit of rivalry never hurt anyone! In fact, it sparked a Houston catering services company by one of my closest friends!

But before you embark on putting your plan into action, you need to make sure your dining room is in the right condition to host a dinner party in.

If you haven’t got the right dining room furniture, your turn to host could be a bit of a disaster. You’ll at least need a table and chairs, even if you don’t have anything else, but you need to try and make sure the space is accessible and perfect for guests.

Obviously, it’s important to try and rid the room of any unnecessary clutter before you entertain visitors. After doing this, you can decide whether the room set-up is conducive to a dinner party, or if you need to rearrange things so it’s a bit easier to serve food and wine in.

Once you’ve reorganized the room, you’ll be ready for action and then it’ll just be a case of making sure all your friends are available for your dinner party extravaganza.