Ways With A Wood Floor04:09


When you take on a home decorating project, one of the first things which you need to decide is if there are any elements of the original room which you are going to keep.

If this is the case then you will of course have to incorporate them into the new design.

Sometimes it might be a period feature such as a fireplace, or it might even be a sofa or other piece of furniture.

More often than not, however, it will be flooring as this can often be the most hard-wearing and therefore long lasting, and also the most expensive feature to replace.

Engineered HardwoodIf you have hardwood flooring then you will want to decorate the room to compliment the tone of the wood.

The color scheme that you go for will evoke a mood, thought fortunately there are a lot of options available to you.

If the flooring is dark and you want to create a cozy atmosphere then look at dark reds and perhaps leather furniture and heavy curtains.

With a pale colored floor you might feel a more minimalist look is the way forward and take a lighter, brighter route.

If the interior design scheme you have in mind requires a change in the tone of the wood finish then it may be possible to sand back and re-stain the boards to your specifications.

Ask a professional before you start if you’re not sure how to achieve the result you want.

Engineered wood flooring is similar, and it may also be possible to re-finish this kind of flooring too.

If not, then do some research into how designers have incorporated various wood finishes into the kind of design style you wish to emulate and borrow any ideas which appeal.

If all else fails then a nearly room sized rug might well be the answer!